Cat lost in Lakeview, Chicago
Please help missing cat Mila

REWARD: $1,000

Call or text 773-580-4130
Click to download a poster to hang in your neighborhood: milaposter

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About Mila

Mila got out of her home on Lakewood between Diversey and Wolfram in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago on Saturday, September 6, 2014.


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Mila is a a 3 year-old black-and-white cat with green-yellow eyes. Her back is black while her belly, chest and paws are white. She has black around her eyes and a small, round black button nose. Mila is wearing a black-and-white collar with her name and our number on it. The collar has no tags or bells attached.

Mila is not an outdoor cat. While she is very friendly, she may run or hide if approached by strangers. You could try to get her to eat cat food or snacks, or come inside.

IMG_0134Even if you don’t catch her, please call us and we will be right over to look for her.

Mila is micro-chipped through HomeAgain. Her official name is Milano and her chip number is 985-121-010-605-265. Any vet or shelter can check her chip for a match.


Possible Mila sightings

mapDetailed map >>


Area cats that look like Mila

There are many cats in our neighborhood who look like Mila. The best ways to make sure you are seeing the real Mila are:

  • Check her collar (assuming it has not fallen off). Mila’s collar is black and white, with her name and our number on it. It has no bells or dangling tags.
  • Look for a small, black button nose surrounded by white fur.
  • Check out at her paws, which are white.

Here are some photos of other cats in the area who have been mistaken for Mila: 

We also have a video of a cat (not Mila) crossing the street in front of our place and running into the alley.


Useful links for finding lost cats

Tools for finding lost cats

General guides to finding lost pets

Stolen traps

Here’s some pictures of the guy who stole our humane cat trap from the alley on election night in November 2014. He worked hard for it since we did have it chained to a fence with a bike lock. I got to watch him taking it live on video from work. This is the second trap we have managed to have stolen in two months.

HomeMonitor_-_2014-11-04_19.02.50 HomeMonitor_-_2014-11-04_18.56.44

Random photos

These photos were taken in the process of looking for Mila.

32 Responses to

  1. Susan says:

    We will keep a lookout for Mila. And tape up a few posters. Please update on this website if you find Mila.
    You are correct, there are many cats in our neighborhood that are black and white. On Greenview a few blocks N of Roscoe there is a family that has been feeding cats that appear to be living under their porch and they are all black or black with white markings. I will drop a poster at their home today.
    Best of luck in finding Mila,


  2. Becca says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I look for Mila every time I am out with my dogs. I will keep on looking and pray that she comes home to you very soon.


  3. Kelly says:

    I received your notice in the mail today. I will keep an eye out for her. I live near Wrightwood and Racine. Hope she comes home soon!


  4. Jennine says:

    We received your mailing yesterday. You must be devastated. My husband and I will keep a look out. We live near Fullerton and Ashland.


  5. Chris says:

    I spotted a black and white tuxedo cat in the 1700 block of W Altgeld on Monday, October 12th. I did not get close enough to see if the kitty had a black nose or collar. This tuxie was of medium size. We have quite a few cats roaming our neighborhood that come to visit our back door and I have seen a tuxie outside before, but didn’t get close enough to see if it was the same one. I will keep my eyes posted for Mila. Good luck in your search.


  6. Ashey says:

    I live on Diversey and Lakewood and have and will continue to keep an eye out for your missing cat. I have also shared this information with friends and neighbors. I hope you find her soon. Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Julia says:

    My husband and I call for her every morning and evening! We will keep our eyes open. We are at George and Sheffield. Please please keep us posted if you find her, as I’m sure you are, we are so very worried about her!


  8. Chrissy says:

    Got your notice in the mail today but have seen the posters over the past few weeks and have been on the lookout for Mila in Roscoe Village. I know it must be terrible not knowing where she is and I hope she comes home soon!


  9. Katie says:

    I’ve printed out a poster to hang on our street at Hampden/Deming. We will keep a look out!


  10. WL says:

    Good luck in your search for Mila. I live by DePaul and downloaded a flier to place in my front window.


  11. Megan says:

    Danielle, I am so sorry for the loss of your kitty. I got your notice in the mail today and it made me tear up. I lost my dog a few years ago and several days later we had a happy reunion. Keep checking the shelters and never give up! I hope she returns home soon. We’ll keep an out for her over on Barry and Paulina.


  12. Ashley says:

    Any update on Mila? We continue to keep an eye out!


  13. No updates — we continue to look for her. I really appreciate you keeping an eye out for her and for checking in.


  14. anjali says:

    I just called and it was unfortunately not your cat 😦 So sorry – as a fellow pet owner, I feel horrible for you. I’ll continue to keep a look out and I hope you find Mila soon!


  15. mila says:

    During our New Years Eve party, we had a lovely discussion about how everyone in attendance had received a “Lost Cat” ad in the mail. People as far south as North Ave.! That must have cost a lot of money, with that money you could have bought another cat or two. Maybe you could have even sampled some genetic material from Mila’s droppings and had a clone created?

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Zack M says:

    Not sure if this helps or not, but we saw a cat matching this description at Ashland and Ainslie, trying to see if we can wrangle her now.


    • Thanks so much. If you could get a photo that would be great. My number for text messages is 7735804130. There is a black and white cat that looks like Mila living in the parking lot behind the Petco on Ashland.


  17. Joe says:

    I think I saw a cat


  18. I’m so sorry that you never found Mila. I think she flew to another planet with no cars and endless amounts of birds and butterflies to chase. She knew Noel needed you more and told her Owk friend to fly her over to you. The site you built during her search is quite remarkable. You are amazing!


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