June 13: 2011: Introducing the new your home page for the breaking news, sports, weather, business, entertainment and views that matter to people living in the Chicago area.

With the city’s largest newsroom behind it, is the place where original reporting, social media and multimedia come together to provide you with the relevant, timely coverage essential to Chicagoans.

The new has been redesigned to focus on breaking stories of interest to Chicagoland users. Our successful breaking news, sports and business sites will be merged with We also have started a new breaking entertainment section to bring you the latest on Chicago theater, music, celebrities and more.

What to do? What to buy? Should I bring an umbrella? These are some of the questions we help readers answer on with our weather coverage, events, daily deals and listings.

As the online home of the Chicago Tribune, the site complements the print edition. To make it easier for readers to locate the more in-depth coverage available from the newspaper, we have assembled the stories in easily identifiable bands on many pages of the site.

Choose a suburb and find real-time relevant news and happenings in your town to help you make informed decisions and organize your life.

Our online readers want information fast. A cleaner layout with new fonts, fewer colors and a faster load time allows readers to focus on the news of the day. With breaking news moved to the top of the site, it is quicker and easier to check throughout the day for the latest developments.

The home page features the top posts from ChicagoNow, the Tribune’s blog network. You will also find stories and multimedia from WGN TV, WGN Radio, RedEye, Metromix and Chicago Magazine.

Example of new design with major story:

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